Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Trying to get organized

I have been trying to get some of my family history papers in order, I seem to have bits of information everywhere. I have managed to update my computer program with some new bits and have made a slow start on correcting errors on my online tree, hopefully it will be complete shortly. I have still to transfer some new info I have found out on to this tree.

On friday me and my cousin spent a pleasant night scanning in some old family photos and going through them putting names to all the faces, we managed to do most of them. I will try to get some of these online sometime this week.

I got lucky in the week and someone got in touch through Genes Reunited and we had a connection on my Great Grandmothers line, so I have some more info there now to double check.

My Great Grandfathers line is still proving very troublesome and I think I have no choice other then to send for a couple of certificates to solve the questions I have about him. The census are giving me more questions then answers on his line, his wife seems to change her name every 10 years from Joanna to Hannah to Ann and while I can get my head around the name changes and still see it could be the same women she also seems to be getting younger rather then older ??? yet I have not found any other marriages for him

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