Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Forever Poem


There's a hole inside of me,
It appeared some time ago...
the day my mother passed away.
Tell me, why'd she have to go?

I've tried to fill the hole up
with other family,
and I want to keep her memory alive,
so I started her family tree.

My search has brought me many kin
who've helped to fill that hole,
but I realize now, there'll always be
an emptiness in my soul.

I guess that's just the way it is
with people and their mothers...
a special bond exists with them
that can't be matched by others.

How many times had I heard her say
"Someday I won't be here..." ?
I thought I'd always have her, though.
Now all I have is tears.

I know she's with her mother now.
That's not what makes me sad.
It's that I never asked her about our past,
now, too late, I want to know soooo bad.

So please, God, when you see my mum,
give her all my love.
And tell all my kin that I'll see them again
when I join them up above.

By Pam Carey Durstock

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