Thursday, 7 January 2010

Runner Bean Chutney

This is the recipe I use to help me deal with the annual glut of runner beans, first time I'd had a go at making chutney this year, also did a tomato one, I'll try to find the recipe for. I'm very pleased to say that I really enjoyed this chutney when we opened it at the holidays. It is a very sweet one and goes lovely with home cooked ham.

Runner Bean Chutney


2 lb runner beans                                       
1½ lb onions                                             
1 tbsp (heaped) cornflour                            
1 tbsp turmeric
1 tbsp (heaped) dry mustard
1 lb Demerara sugar
1 lb soft brown sugar
1½ pints vinegar


Prepare vegetables. Cut beans into small pieces and peel and chop the onions.

Cook sliced beans in salted water until tender.

Cook chopped onion in ½ pint of the vinegar in a large saucepan.

While the beans and onions cook mix dry ingredients (cornflour, turmeric and mustard) to a smooth paste with some of the remaining vinegar.

Strain cooked beans and add to the cooked onions with the most of the rest of the vinegar.

Cook for 10 minutes then add the sugar.

Finally stir in the paste made from the dry ingredients and boil for a further 15 minutes. (Tip: it's a good idea to keep back a little of the vinegar to rinse the cornflour etc from the jug.)

Bottle and cover.

Ready to use after one month. Although this chutney matures quickly it is a good keeper and stores as well as any.

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