Wednesday, 29 September 2010

In Memory of my lovely Bru

Not updated for a while, not been feeling so great again and then at the start of this month I lost my lovely sussex boy Bru. It was very sudden and has knocked me for six again. When you have dogs you know they won't match your life span and they can never stay with you as long as you would wish but are yours to love for only a short time, but they give so much love to you in that in that time, the parting is always so hard. I have sensed it coming with my other dogs and still it didn't make it any easier, with Bru the end seem to come out of nowhere and now my heart feels so broken once more. My darling Bru has seen me through so many bad times over the last five years, with losing my mum and my health not being so good, his going seems so enormous but I know that somewhere he's with my mum and they will look after each other.

After much thought I have decided I will be getting another dog who needs to share some love, not just yet but soon. The house feels so empty, with having 2 dogs in the past and then when I lost Bryn shortly after losing mum I just didn't feel I could cope with another and me and Bru just held each other up I guess. Now for the first time in over 20 years I'm on my own in the house and I need another dog for my own sanity. I can't help but feel I'm being disloyal to Bru in someway for thinking of getting another boy so soon but I think he would understand that I need someone to care for, he always did seem to understand me.


  1. Hi Jane,
    I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. I lost my darling Kaiser when she was 15 and the house was just so empty without her. We managed a whole year without a dog as we too felt that she couldn't be replaced, but in the end we decided we needed the company of a faithful friend. We have had Maisey for 8 years now and although she hasn't replaced Kaiser, she brings alot of happiness and laughter to our home. I know the day will come when we will lose her too, but next time we won't hesitate to welcome a new pup to our home. I'm sure Bru wouldn't want you to be alone and will guide you in choosing a new faithful friend.
    Julia xx

  2. Thank you Julia, all the kind comments I've had from friends on the net have ment alot to me.


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