Thursday, 14 October 2010

Inspiring Witches Halloween Blog Party

Willow from 'A collage witch's experience' blog has been holding a blog party today and asking all party guests to write about the witches that have inspired them in what ever way. So here is my little party piece

The first witches I think I can remember, apart from the ones in fairy tales would be the ones in the TV series BeWitched. In the series Samantha played by Elizabeth Montgomery is a married surburban housewife who also just happens to be a witch. As a kid I use to think it would be great to just be able to wriggle my nose and cause magic, but the program showed that things very rarely went to plan with very comic affect, and things were in general not helped by Samantha's mother Endora played by Agnes Moorehead as a very mischievous witch with a slightly wicked side.



Fast forward quite a few years and I discoverd Terry Pratchett Discworld novels. My all time favourite character and fictional hero from the books is Granny Weatherwax. A tall straight women of firm ideas and no nonsense style of witch. She takes no sass off anyone (except maybe very small children). I love her part in the books and this is one of my favourite quotes from Maskerade
"Granny Weatherwax had never heard of psychiatry and would have had no truck with it even if she had. There are some arts too black even for a witch. ....... A psychiatrist, dealing with a man who fears he is being followed by a large and terrible monster, will endeavour to convince him that monsters don't exist. Granny Weatherwax would simply give him a chair to stand on and a very heavy stick."


  1. Oh I absolutely love it. It's fine that you "crashed" the party lol, I'm a pretty flexible host :D. Next year things will be a little bit more organized, and I think I will have a specific blog set up just for the blog party. Thank you so much for crashing the party. I'll have to look into those books you discussed, I think I will love Granny Weatherwax.

  2. I like what you wrote and think the quote is hilarious!!


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