Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Moonlit Party

Well how nice to see you here, I think we have nearly all arrived. 
Granny was flying in and shouldn't be long. 
It's so lovely of Anna from the Frosted Petunias to invite use all to this 
moonlit tea party, we have been looking forward to it for weeks.
The cauldron is bubbling with fresh nettle tea and granny was bringing some cakes.
Would you like to start with your poetry reading? then the birds have promised us a song.

Autumn Offering
by Judith A. Lawrence

I shall be Autumn
this Halloween,
with leaf draped skirt,
and folds of
boysenberry velvet wine
flowing to the ground.

Brown stained face,
eyes rimmed in gold,
nails dripping sunset,
a crown of twigs
to cover my head.

You may gather from me
the spring of my youth,
my summer of maturity,
and hold onto with me,
the solace of these days
of remembering
before the frost
Picture image created by me using kits from
Nutkin Tailz
Azur Scrap


  1. Your blog is so beautiful and I loved the poem. Thank you for such a lovely time and please come on over to my house for some tea and magic :)

  2. this was so lovely...thanks for having me over.

  3. This is a lovely site, not to much and not to little. Please take a liitle walk down my forest field and fauna path.


  4. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. The digital image on this post is sooo fantastic. I will be visiting more once I get done with all the tea parties I've been invited to!!
    Thanks for the poem.

  5. Your blog is so beautiful and I loved stopping by; Thank You for visiting my Hatter's Tea Party. It was so nice to see you there!~

  6. Your Collage is Wonderful!
    Thank You for Stopping By and your Kind Words!
    Glad you Like the Gals Button!

  7. This is just a lovely, lovely blog collage and poem. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lovely! I love the poem and the artwork. Thank you for inviting me and for visiting my party, too!

  9. the pictures didn't show up, but the poem was lovely! thank you :)


    Please come visit:

  10. Beautiful post..ful of magic and light!Wonderful blog!
    Blesssings and sparkles

  11. Oh goodness...I think I may have to leave my witchy woods and move into the gypsy caravan in your grove! Your collage is gorgeous!!! Love it! And the beautiful Autumn poem touched my heart. I'm already sad that October is almost coming to an end. Thank you for sharing and for joining me at my tea party under the Halloween moon. :)


  12. A lovely post and your blog is a delight to visit :0)
    Julia xxx

  13. Hi Jane, I have tried twice to write on your comments and lost the stuff so this time I'm writing it on word and then pasting on to your page. Just wanted to say the Caravan collage is lovely and a purr-fect place to take a rest and look at the stars at night, no tent for me….hehehe! Luv the poem .
    Thanks for the lovely tea, had a great time here.

    Luv to have you drop in for some tea and a chance to win the soldered seashell bottle I made for the draw this coming Halloween Sunday October 31st/2010
    Happy Haunting and a very Spooky Halloween.

    The Wood Beyond The World ......

    ( )


  14. Really cute blog , I will follow your spell.Keep writing! Thanks Andrea.


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