Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ooooo Look what I got, look what I got

Sorry I can't help it, I know I'm like a big kid when I get surprise things through the post. Doesn't everyone like getting things that are not bills or ordinary everyday items that need sorting. This weeks been a bumper week for getting nice things throught the letter box, and seeing as I've been laid low with this rotten cold it's really kept my spirits up. As well as a couple of new circle journals to work in, I also recieved some swaps back and a completed circle journal, I've put that on my other blog Dragonfly Hearth if anyone wants to have a peep at it, I was over the moon with the scrapbook layouts people had made of my dollshouse photos.

Below thought is what was a real surprise, it was my gift from Juila of Bear Cabin Miniatures. She ran a draw on her blog over halloween for one of her stitched samplers, and then decided also to pick another name out for a suprise item, lucky lucky me it was my name that got picked :) She sent me this lovely hand stitched pumpkin cushion along with some little bits of pumpkin and cat conffettie, it's just beautiful, thanks again Juila.


  1. So cute , so can all do some swap art to gift all of us witchy bloggers?I need some people and we can do something fan like that! Love that Craft. Let me know.Hugs and magick Andrea.

  2. Sooooo cute!!!! I love it, and am soooo jealous!


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