Thursday, 23 December 2010

Annie Lennox - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

I just love this video, Annie Lennox gives her unique and formidable artistic touch to this tradional christmas carol 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen', The video magical combines Christianity, Paganism, Folklore, Medival and Victorian imagery in a fantastic mix. I love the costume and hat Annie wears as she wanders with her musical group through the snow holding her staff. The feel of the video even has a touch of darkness in places, but then isn't that in line with Yule itself? we come out of the dark half of the year at this time and start to enter the light again with the winter solstice. I have read some comments from people who dislike this video from a Christian point of view but I think they miss the point, for christians yes this is a great festival of birth but also for pagans this time of year is also the start of renewal and hope, for atheists as for the rest of us Christmas / Yule is also a time of family and friends. Festivals have been held at this time of year for thousands of years and long before christianity. Whether you belive in the one god or many or none, I hope the feeling of hope and love this time of year can bring, is bright in your heart.

This song is on Annie Lennox's new christmas cd - A Christmas Cornucopia


  1. I liked this music video! Thanks for posting it. As I watched it I was wondering why it would be 'offensive' to some christians, until near the end...then I figured out why. Too bad, so sad...another figure of yuletide is represented.

  2. I just loved this!! I'd be even happier if Amazon had delivered my copy of the CD which I ordered ages ago!!
    Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year.


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