Thursday, 20 January 2011

Memories and Decluttering

I'm in decluttering mode this month. so far I've done the kitchen and put alot of things on one side for the charity shop and then I moved on to the living room and sorted the cupboards out, the shreders has been on overtime with old paper work and now thats has gone in the recycling bin. I get this mood every few months and it always feels good to have a clear out, but there is one room that is piled high and it's been like that for a couple of years now.

It's not a secret, everyone who knows me in life, knows I had a breakdown when I lost my mum, for a while nothing made any sense and I lost all meaning of time. I still have some problems now but compared to then things are alot better, yet there is still this room. The room is only small, it was where me and mum crafted and kept some of the dollshouses. I don't go in it, fact I can hardly get in it as the stuff is piled that high. The stuff is all my mum's things and other things I can't even remember, I went on a bit of a spending spree around that time and everything got shoved in there, along with some unopened mail. I know I need to tackle this room, known it for a year now but still it's there. In my mind I already have plans for it, turn it in to a proper crafting space, spruce it up with some fresh decor but they are all just in my mind.

Today I opened the door and took two bags of stuff out, I've not opened them, they are sat in the hall looking at me, but it is a start isn't it?


  1. A good start!! and you took two bags out! That is excellent. Maybe there is someone who could help you when you feel you can go into the room. So have a cup of tea and congratulate yourself for making a start. I have been decluttering this month too. Sometimes it goes well; sometimes I give up and read a book! Take care, and blessings to you! Robin.

  2. Wow the decluttering bug must be catching as I have it at the moment. My lovely DH is going to refurbish our boxroom with expedit units for my craft storage (I will still craft downstairs to be sociable) when he can take some time off in April and he wants to decorate the room first. So I have until April to sort everything out and start packing it up so that he can gut the room. I was finding it so overwhelming to walk in and do anything as the room is such a mess - so what I am doing is bring one or two storage boxes at a time downstairs to be sorted through. So well done on removing a couple of bags to work on - it is a start and a more manageable way to do it. My granny always use to say that to climb stairs you have to stand at the bottom, take hold of the bannister and look up first - you've taken the first little step and I hope it gets easier for you.

    Karen x

  3. It is a wonderful start. I have always found that just opening the door to something like that can be hard, you not only opened the door you had the courage to take things out! Take your time, with that kind of courage it will be a revamped wonderful space before you know it. And remember to not punish yourself if you have setbacks or if you don't do anything for a time. Tackle this only as you feel ready to! I think you are doing a great job! I found it really hard to tackle anything associate with my best friend after he passed.
    Blessings and good Job!


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