Thursday, 10 February 2011

Lifes a bit treacle and Lovely gifts

Life is still being a bit up and down at the moment. Depression is trying to get me in it's grip again and I'm not always winning the fight everyday but still I'm trying. I've been carrying on with trying to declutter the house, going quite slow but I can see what I've done and that feels good. The FM is also slowing me down and restricting what I can do which I fine very frustrating, always been a girl who wants to do several things at once LOL. I've managed to do some crafting for swaps and received some lovely items in return. Got so many crafting ideas going around in my brain at the moment just need the umph to get up and do them. 

I've finally got around to uploading a load of photos to the PC, and I wanted to share a couple of photos of the lovely pictures I got for Yule, from my dad and his partner, of my lovely Bru boy I lost last September. My dad did a pencil sketch and Judy did me the pastel picture.

I've also treated myself to a lovely gothic miniature hat from Kat and after a bit of a mishap with the post office I eventually got it yesterday. I've just took some photos of that so will make another post soon to show it off. The garden has also gifted me with a lovely show of snowdrops this week and as soon as I get chance of a clear day I'll get try to get some photos of them to share.

Life can be sticky like treacle sometimes but if you take the time to look there is alot of sweetness as well.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling at your best at the moment, this horrid grey damp weather probly isnt helping much either! You have my sympathy with the FM, its a horrid debilitating ailment! try not to add too much pressure to yourself to complete ALL the things you want to do. I found that making realistic short lists helped me the most as you get the satisfaction factor of completion :o) smaller tasks help keep a bit of energy in reserve for the next day too. :o) Hope you are soon feeling smiley again.
    & That's a lovely pic of your doggie x


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