Friday, 25 March 2011

Aquamarine Folklore

Birthstone Month – March  
Day – Monday
Season – Winter / Spring
Western Zodiac sign – Pisces
Chinese Horoscope sign - Ox
Planet – Moon
Element – Water
Promotes – Courage, Intellect, Protection, Peace, Creativity, Happiness

The gemstone Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin word Aqua Mare, meaning sea water. The gem is a member of the beryl family of precious stones and is quite hard being between 7.5 -8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Its colour ranges in tone from the palest of blues to blue-green or teal. The stone gets its colour from the iron content within it and is almost completely free of any inclusions. The stone is mined in Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Russia.

As its name suggests this stone has long been associated with the sea. It was said to ensure safe and prosperous voyages upon the sea and guard against storms. According to legend, the stone was used in the eyes of statues, these statues were placed in positions along the coast where they could calm the wrath of Poseidon, thus ensuring the safe return of both ships and sailors.

Folklore has attributed many healing properties to Aquamarine. In keeping with its association with the sea it is said to cure sea sickness. The Romans believed the stone could cure stomach, throat and liver problems. In the Middle Ages it was thought to reduce the effect of poisons. It is also reputed to be a cure for laziness, fears and phobias. Long held to be a stone with soothing and calming properties, it was seen as an effective treatment for anxiety and is commonly used in meditation to help promot spiritual awareness.

Legend says that Aquamarine was the gift Neptune, the God of the Sea gave to the mermaids and from then on it was a stone that brought love to all who owned it. The stone is suggested as the gem to give for the 19th wedding anniversaries. Said to re-awaken lost love, be a guard against infidelity, and evoke trust and harmony ensuring long lasting marriages.

Anyone who wears Aquamarine is said to have victory in battle, relief from pain, mental clarity, be less quarrelsome, have ever lasting youth, happiness and be protected from gossip. 


  1. A beautiful stone and wonderful tidbits of information!

  2. Love Aquamarine , is so ocean looking , even if is not my birth stone, i like to use for the energy that comes from in it. My Mom use to have one in a big ring when I was little , is a good memory, so I got one big ring to myself years ago too.


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