Sunday, 20 March 2011

A Beautiful Moon, the Spring Equinox and a Happy Ostara

Did anyone see the moon last night, sadly the sky wasn't very clear here with a bit of cloud but still it looked beautiful and so large and close. It was a Super "Perigee" Moon. They happen when the moon is close to the earth and the last time the moon was this close was almost 20 years ago. I tried to take some photos but non of them turned out very well, this is about the best one.

I know some of my wiccan friends are celebrating Ostara today and would like to wish any of my friends in blogland who are also celebrating this tide a happy one. I celebrate Eostre, which is the anglo-saxon name for Ostara at the next full moon after this Spring Equinox, this year it falls on the 18th of April. I'm hoping to start making some decorations to say thank you to this lady of spring and the dawn, as she brings lighter and longer days for us in time for Summer.

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