Thursday, 24 March 2011

'Welcoming The God' blog party.

Willow Silverhorse is hosting a beautiful blog party over on her blog 'Confessions of a Country Witch'. Today it has been my pleasure to be the guest poster. My post is about Mani, the northern God of the Moon. I have reposted it on my other blog here as well, but please do go and visit Willows blog and read all the other fantastic posts. It is great way to share our different beliefs and promote understanding.

 You can also look for the silly mistake I made in paragraph two of my post. I tend to type as I think and sometimes the thinking goes quicker than my typing speed LOL. I have managed to make Mani sister of Sol the sun Goddess when of course it should read brother of Sol. I did read it through several times before I sent it but somehow it managed to slip my proof reading radar.

Today is a great day to visit Willows blog as she is also hosting a give away of a beautiful Green Man doll  from Nydia of 'Bringing up Salamanders' blog, Nydia's shop is here if you would like to look at her lovely work.

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  1. Going to check the blog party!thanks for posting it!


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