Saturday, 23 April 2011

A better question

If you have looked at the post below this one and thought you were having a sense of deja vu, don't worry you are not cracking up. I did post it a couple of days ago but then deleted it, today I've changed my mind again and have re-posted it.

I deleted it because having re read it back a couple of times, I started to wonder if I was showing too much of myself and my inner thoughts. Yet thinking about it again, that's one of the reasons I brought this blog back to life again. I wanted somewhere to put my inner thoughts, a quite area of contemplation where I could write down all the muddle thoughts that were going through my head, in the hope that I might then be able to make some sense out of them. If I start self censoring what I put down then what is the point. This blog becomes just another mask I put on for other people. So this blog is me when I get my serious deep thinking head on. I may well write some very muddle post but they will all be part of a thought process I'm going through. The post below did help me. I started that one by asking 'Am I was a Heathen?' and ended by asking 'Who am I?' further thought has shown me that a much better question is,

Do I let others define me or do I define myself?

and of course there can be only one answer to that. In the end we must all find our own truth.

I know some of the things I am and I know some of the things I'm not

  • I am an animistic pagan 
  • I am an Heathen in the respect of that term being the common name used for those who follow the religion of Northern Europe. My whole core seems to recognize these beliefs as being part of me a part of my life as a whole. There are many things I'm unsure off but where my faith lies is not one.
  • I need to find a way of incorporating my faith in to my life that fits me, not some lay down sterotype.
  • The Druid path is also one I wish to explore more. I don't see this as being a contradiction in my faith. Druids and Heathens share many of the same values, which is understandable given the close contact they had. Plus having Celtic ancestors I thing I do have a connection there.
  • I do not follow the Wicca religion but I am interested in folk witchcraft and in witches from a folklore and feminist point of view.
  • What I believe, my faith is important to me, I can't hide it and need to find a way to incorporate it more into my life.
  • It is the Northern European gods that inspire me, but I want to learn more about all religions and the gods that have touch this country as I am interested in this countries pagan heritage.
  • I am not one for extensive ritual or groups of people, I want to keep things simple and authentic to me.
  • I believe in religious freedom.
  • Finding out about my ancestors and family history is an important part of me.
  • My home is my sanctuary.

I intend to use this blog to continue to define whats important to me and as a place to honour my ancestors.

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  1. I completely understand this, as you probably know from reading my posts lately. I think you are right in exploring your connection to the Northern gods and people especially if you feel drawn to them.

    I have a different take on the gods than most people....I don't see them as gods - not in the way that God is defined now. I see them more as "entities" like spirits, and were named by individual cultures. So I suspect that they are all part of the same "race." I rarely work with any of them specifically, but more as a group. As a group I feel they will assist us, as the more benevolent spirits will. If I am drawn to specific ones, I suspect that either (a) this one has chosen to work with me at this time or (b) I am familiar with their culture/mythology because I may have been part of that culture once, or my blood ancestors were (genetic memory.)

    I understand wanting to practice your faith by incorporating it into your life. I think the key to this is to "keep it real." Try various methods but only keep the ones that you feel truly connected to. For instance, for me, carving and preparing and burning a magical candle is much more fulfilling and powerful than a performing a ritual from a book. What I've begun to do is to use every opportunity to reexamine the "elements" of paganism and make them my own - Sabbats, Esbats, etc. and I take notes!


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