Sunday, 5 June 2011

Verse - Love Never Dies, Love is Eternal

I love to collect poems, verses and quotes, epsecially ones I can use with my family history. Below is one I used last week when making a mini book for a blog hop I was taking part in, on my paper crafting blog. A few people have kindly commented on it and asked about it. I'm sorry to say I know very little about it, I can't remember where I got it from  and it says 'by Anon' on the copy I've got, still I've written it out here in case anyone else wishes to use it with their own history files, I do think the words are lovely. My favorite line is. 'They are not apart from us, but part of us' which I believe is so true of our ancestors. They are our roots we are the branches.

Love Never Dies, Love is Eternal

They are not dead,
Who leave us this 
great heritage of 
remembering joy.

They still live in our hearts,

In the happiness we knew, 
in the dreams we shared.

They still breathe,

In the lingering fragrance,
windblown, from their 
favourite flowers.

They still smile in the 

moonlight’s silver,
And laugh in the sunlight’s 
sparking gold.

They still speak in the 

echoes of the words 
we’ve heard them say 
again and again.

They still move,

In the rhythm of waving 
grasses, in the dance of 
the tossing branches.

They are not dead;

Their memory is warm in 
our hearts, comfort in 
our sorrow.

They are not apart from us, 

but part of us,

For love is eternal,

And those we love shall be 
with us throughout all eternity.


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