Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Day Remembered

Was it really 10 years ago? I remember the day so clearly. It was just a normal day, I'd gone to work done all the mundane things. I'd just got back from lunch when my mum phone to speak to me on the works phone, I figured she'd forgot to ask me to pick something up as I'd only spoken to her less then an hour before while I was on lunch as I normal did, she wasn't too well and I always rang to check on her. 

It was barely 2pm UK time and she was agitated as she'd just put the news on and seen the first news and film footage of a plane flying in to what she said was a giant skyscraper in New York, which I shortly found out she meant the North tower of the world trade center, while she was talking and I was gently trying to ease her off the phone because I could see my boss giving me glances, she let out a wail as live on air she saw another plane hit the South tower. I didn't know what to say, I had been saying something along the lines of that sounds like a terrible accident but I'm sure the emergency services would soon be there, but two planes, how could that be an accident? I told her to ring me later if she wanted, she rung me every hour and gave me updates each time. Of course by then the news was all over and everyone who came in to work, it was the only topic of conversations. That evening it was the only thing that was on all UK TV channels, how did, or how could anyone comprehend what was / had happened. 

I had heard stories in the past of people who always remember where they were when they heard about John F. Kennedy but I was too young at the time and I didn't understand when I heard those sort of statements how that could be, surely with time people would forget details? Now I understand. Somethings just shock you so much to the core they stick in your mind forever, like a video loop that just never ends. The Twin Towers and the Death of Princess Diana are two that are now forever etched in mine and I can recall every minute of what I heard, when and how and also how the day unfolded. I also still recall clearly how it changed my opinion of people I know through what they said and my views on faith. The people in those buildings were of many different faiths and nationalities, this was about hate / evil nothing else and evil intolerance is something we can never let win and by joining as one no matter what our beliefs, I pray it never will.

I lost no one but my heart goes out to all those that did, their lost will never be forgotten. 


  1. I was fixing a rifle when all this went on. I walk into the armory's office, and a few of the guys watching TV stared at me, and then at my gun... They were worried because I was the only one from NYC.

    I laughed when I saw The Towers fall. "What a crappy movie," I said. I have to live with those words. I think I'll remember forever.

  2. Thank you for this lovely tribute. I had friends who lost loved ones in this tragedy, and it's nice to hear from people (especially in other countries), who take this time to remember those lost and their loved ones...



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