Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tip in Pages Swap

Netty hosted another one of her yummy swaps and of course I couldn't resist joining in the fun. Tip in pages are loose pages that can be slotted in to an altered art book. These are the ones I've done so far.
 Weaselwise - Alice in Wonderland

 Nicci24lego - Peter Pan

 Jainethepain - Positive Thinking

 Voodoo Vixen - Shakespeare plays

 Mistyrat - Victorian Fashion and Emphemera

 Mine - Graveyards (yes I know I was a rebel I've done mine the opposite way to what the rules said hehe)

 Rozy 52 - Garden Inspirations

 Mine - Corvids

 nettyB - Butterflies

 Jolene - Vintage Fashion

Leanie - Words to live by


  1. I LOVE all of them, but Voodoo Vixen might get stolen if you leave it unattended; what a beauty!

  2. Loving these pages and the graveyard one is pretty spooky!


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