Monday, 26 September 2011

Which (witch?) house would be best?

In my Practical Magic party post I said I'd love to try and create something like the fantastic house the aunts have in PM, but I just didn't have the space for another house. Well I can't get the idea out of my head and I know I definitely can't fit another house in or afford one at the moment.....

So in I'm now thinking about turning one of the houses I've got into something like the aunts house, it won't look the same on the outside, be more like an English version of the house I guess. I've narrowed my choice down to two of the houses I currently own but can't make my mind up which would be best, I can see good points for each, so I'm after other peoples opinions please.

This is the choice

The first is a town house with basement, this hasn't had anything done to it yet. I got it earlier this year and was intending to turn in into a new vampire home. It has 3 floors and attic and a basement, so 5 rooms plus hallways.

The plus's with this house is that it's a blank canvas, I can paint the outside white like the PM house. It's got stairs running up inside the house.

Con's are, not really any space for a garden, could put a few plants around the basement but not really a spot for a garden room / conservatory unless I used the basement space. The rooms are not as big.

The second choice is an old English Tudor Cottage style. I love this style and this is one is already occupied by a family of witches but the are more your old fashioned witch characters (don't worry if I chose this house for the PM one the old style witches have a new home they can share with others, I won't make them homeless LOL). There are 2 ground floor rooms, 2 second floor and a very large attic room, so again 5 in total.

The plus's with this one is it's already decorated, the inside is all white and dark wood like the PM house, much of the dark furnishings could stay with some white pieces added. The rooms are quite large and so it the balcony on the left side. There is space around the house to put plants for a garden. The ground floor rooms have windows at the side as well as the front so I could possibly use one of those for a garden room. It's already electrified with lighting.

The con's are, it's nothing at all like the style of the PM house and I'm not going to paint it all white. The kitchen would need to be completely redone in PM style. There is no room for a conservatory again. The stairs are not a feature like in the PM house.

So if the aunt's were to move to the UK, which house do you think they would choose?

Oh and if I've not visited your party post I'm getting there slowly, I'm going down the list in logical order otherwise I forget where I've been (doesn't take much to confuse me) I've got to the S's and hope to have visited everyone in the next couple of days :)


  1. I have a question. Why is it you can't add on to the town house? If these two houses were my only choices I'd have to go with the town house and add on a wing to either side. I would put the house on a piece of plywood and start building. By the way, I love the second house and I'd bet the aunts would want to stay there if they were going to visit but you're right in saying it's not the right style. However, I can see it decorated to give it the same look as the pm house.
    See? I'm no help at all. Good luck with your project.

  2. Thanks maddyrose, space is a the big issue, if I'd got the room to add wings on to the town house I'd save up for another house that looked like the PM one in style. I'm trying to think if I could move it anywhere just to fit a small conservatory on it's side but not sure that's possible either. When I got that house I got it because I had the space I could just fit it into.

    I can really see possibilities in both houses. Just found some more photos on one of the party blogs though which will be very helpful in doing the rooms and thinking they may work better in the town house.

  3. Oh I love this project idea and I'm afraid I won't be much help either. Based solely on the structure of the house I think the town house has more potential as far as looking more like the PM house which is a Gothic Carpenter Victorian. You could add more Victorian elements to it such as gables and fretwork and even a white picket fence around it. The dormer windows up on top could be dressed up with pitched roofs to give it the more pointed silhouette of the PM house. Maybe you can build a small conservatory off the side. However, I think that if the Aunts were to move to the UK they would do it the proper way and live in a traditional thatched roof Tudor cottage straight out of Diagon Alley. I know I definitely would! So see....I'm no help at all but I love what you're doing and I can't wait to see how it turns out :)


  4. Actually, I see the aunts in the second house -- that would definitely be their choice if they moved to England. :)

    I am looking forward to seeing more photos of this very interesting project -- good luck with it! :)

  5. I see the aunts in the second house. Even though it's not exactly like their old house, I think they'd feel more comfortable in that one rather than the first one. (I'm following now...I want to see which one you choose and how it turns out. I bet it will be wonderful!)

    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  6. I am certainly no help at all for I love both houses and see tons of potential for either one. Wonderful projects!

  7. I'd have to say I see the aunts in the tudor house. I love Practical Magic!!!


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