Thursday, 22 December 2011

Yule Magic Gift

Well been trying to do a bit of catching up with my blog land friends and on visiting the delightful Magaly, of Pagan Culture I found out that Sally of  The Village Witch was hosting a Yule time blog party today. It's far to late for me to join officially but I've really enjoyed reading through the post of the people attending and hearing what magical gifts they'd give out. I've read about gifts of Hope, Inspiration, Time and just Stopping to enjoy the moment of Yule. I've enjoyed drinks of Margaritas, Hot Chocolate and calming Chamomile tea and had such a wonderful time at every stop.

It got me thinking what I could give as a gift. I thought of Memories, that which links us to our pasts and from that of course comes family both those we share now and those spirits that live within us. We all have gifts from those ancestors of ours. I have so many to count, the joy of poems and music from my mum, the gift of practicality from my dad, cooking skills from one of my grandmothers and stubbornness from the other one. My grandfathers gave me the give of calm, a love of nature and acceptance. What gifts did my more distant ancestors leave me?, for all those who's gone before took their share in making me, now I have to learn to put those gifts to good use.

With so much to choose from what could I share out and the answer was so simple, it's Laughter, Joy and Great Big Smile at this time of year and that's what I wish you all, where ever you find it. It was given to me by my mum who was a person who never grew up, she loved Christmas and her spirit was contagious. In my loft I must have a ton of old Christmas Ornaments from dancing trees to singing fish as well as all the traditional ones. She'd invite as many as she could to our feast and just love to see all have a good time. It's not been the same for me since she passed away but her spirit remains and the memories she gave me make me smile still now and I think they always will. She love all her trimmings just like a kid in a candy shop but she knew that the most important part of this year was those we shared it with.

In the end as well as the joy of the sun returning and a new beginning it was also a time of year for getting together with those we cared about, remembering the good times of the year departing and feasting together in warmth and laughter, with plenty of mead and happy hearts as we looked forward to the new. The jolly figure of old Santa has a long history but he's now mostly known in his soft drink colours, he smiles to bring joy and gifts to all, I hope he brings you all laughter and much merriment.


  1. Laughter is one of my favorite things. It is something that I try to share with many. Thank you and Merry Yule!

  2. ank you for sharing your world with us for a bitLove, joy and smiles are the perfect gift! thank you for sharing your world with us for a bit!
    and I want you to know you are not alone in the depression and FM dept. (and then some)
    I wish you lessened pain in all areas.
    Blessed yule to you and yours!
    Love n Light,
    come visit, i have a lovely gift to share as well as a giveaway.


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