Saturday, 30 June 2012

Another family raised and flown

Mother keeps a close watched over her second brood.
The weather was terrible for this blackbirds second family
but the mother never left her post and through pouring rain and winds
she kept them safe with daddy blackbird never far away.

The two chicks grow healthy and large

Then one bright morning, only one chick remained but still 
under the watchful eye of daddy on his overhead perch. 

A little while later I looked to find the nest was bare and all had flown.
Not too far though, I still see the little family hopping around the garden, 
still keeping mother and father busy. I've told the dog he's on cat patrol 
to help guard our little feathered family.


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful! I love these precious birds. You are so blessed to have this closeness to nature and they so blessed to have your stewardship. Hugs, Mina

  2. Aw, what beauties! I hope they thrive. :)

  3. We have had a nest for the past 3 years, the doves seem to come and go, I often wonder if the ones who were born there come back to make their nest. This year, they started 3 families, but none of them make it, it seems that a cat is disrupting the nest, last month I found one egg broken and lots of feathers all too sad, I guess it is nature. I have lots of good photos from the happy times. Yours is lovely


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