Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fairy Shoe Party at Frosted Petunias

The delightful Anna of Frosted Petunias is hosting a magical fairy shoe link party today.
Do pop over and take a peek. The shoes on display are all enchanting 
and perfect for dancing the summery nights.

The idea behind the party is to take either a pair or a single shoe
and decorated it in suitable fairy fashion, either as something 
that could be worn or more playfully as a fairy shrine. 

I've just come upon the party and I so want to play, so I'm going to see if
I can find a shoe to decorated, think I'll miss the link party but I'll just be
a late party goer and will put a shoe up (when I can fine one) in the
coming week, I just love this magical idea. The really good news, if
you don't have time to join in this time is that Anna is going to run the party 
again in September for an Autumn Altered Witchy Shoe Challenge.

Hope everyone has a lovely magical weekend
and the fairies brings you all lots of sparkles.

Jane xx


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