Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Clutter Clearing

I've been in a massive clutter clearing mode for the past few weeks. I can't say it's something I'm doing quickly but I'm pleased with what I've accomplished so far, with just a little bit a day. I've managed to clear half the wardrobe and send it to the charity shop, have started on sorting out the paper work and then the kitchen will be next on my list. I'm determined to try and get on top side of things and with a bit of luck carve myself a permanent crafting space out. I think Frigg is somewhere in the background with her broom and giving me a gently kick up the back side to try and get moveing. I also found this book 'Magical Clutter Clearing Boot Camp' by Tess Whitehurst (who also wrote the Magical Houskeeping book) as an E book on Amazon Kindle. It was 77p well spent as it's really helped with the motivation to keep going.

In between clutter clearing and my waning energy levels I've been kept busy dealing with the garden harvest which is coming fast this time of year. The strawberries didn't do so well due to the damp weather we've had but the rhubarb, blueberries, tayberries, gooseberries and soon the blackberries seem to be thriving. Just got our first dinner portion of french beans off the stalks this week and if Sunna will come out and do her magic we'll should have a bumper crop of tomatoes.


  1. Ah, clutter-clearing. I try to keep on top of that, but now I've actually got to reorganize for the baby. It's tiring! LOL

    Mmm, it sounds like you will have quite a nice harvest from the garden.

  2. I need to follow your lead (and the book) step by step... or my closets will explode soon.

    And my garden? Don't get me started. Your plants are suffering because of dampness, my tomatoes are about to kick the bucket because it is so hot in New York City. *sigh*

  3. I love Tess Whitehurst! I have her magickal housekeeping book and it's amazing! Haven't read this one though so I will be eagerly awaiting its arrival.

    I've nominated you for the Sunshine award on my blog purely because your blog always makes me smile <3


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