Tuesday, 14 August 2012

On The Treasure Hunt Tuesday Trail

Angela of Whimsy Ways has started a weekly Tuesday feature called Treasure Hunt. It's a place for everyone to share little treasures they have found among their online friends. Everyone's idea of treasure will be different and none will be wrong. It could be as mine is today someone who's work you've found on line and admire or a favourite recipe, quote or poem. Maybe you've come across a new blog that has inspired you or made a really good friend through your blog. You could have found a video on You Tube that makes you laugh out loud or a crafting tutorial that's taught you something new. Anything that makes you smile, laugh or gaze in wonder could be your treasure of the week. It's a brilliant idea of Angela's, there is so much of wonder we see in our lives both off line and on, lets share those treasures and help inspire each other.
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My treasure for this week is the artist Lisa O'Malley she does the most wonderful wildlife and fantasy artwork. Though I've never met her in person from the online converstaions I've had with her when buying cards she comes across as a very lovely person and nothing seems to be to much trouble.
I love her artwork and have started collecting her ACEO prints of hares and magic.
Below are some of the cards I've got in my collection so far.

You can find her on both Esty and Ebay UK under the name of


  1. Yayyy, I'm so glad to see you joining in on the Treasure Hunt fun :-) I'm not familiar with Lisa's work so thank you for introducing her beautiful pieces. I really love hares, especially when combined with moon imagery. I'm off to check out more of her work!


  2. Ooh this looks so much fun! I just read your offer of the books for the giveaway. It doesn't matter that they aren't witchcraft related. Thanks so much!


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