Saturday, 15 September 2012

Book Review - The Witches Compendum - Mabon

Tenae of The Witch of Howling Creek has just published her first E book, 

The Witches Compendium: Mabon

She intends to produce one for each Wheel of the Year Sabbats over the course of the coming year. If they are all the standard of this first one they will become eagerly awaited.

The book covers four sections.
Hearth and Home - Home decor ideas and housekeeping
Magic and Witchcraft - correspondences, rituals and spells
 Honour and Celebrate - Activities and Crafts
Fete and Feast - Party Plans, Menus and Recipes

The books aims to help us incorporate the sabbats in to our daily lives and is also targeted to those of us interested in the more domestic and cottage witch style of witchery.  

As someone who does not celebrate the Wheel of the Year but gives a respectful nod to it while also celebrating my own festivals, the only things I thought I would not use personally were the rituals but I'm sure many other Pagans and Wiccans will find them immensely helpful. There were so many other things I could use or adapt to the festival of Harvest Home. A few of the highlights for me were the Hearth and Home sections. I love the Burlap and Lace ideas along with the suggested symbolism. In ways to celebrate and give thanks, there were a couple of ideas I'd already got noted but many new suggestions as well, some I hope to incorporate in to my feast this year. Talking of feasts the recipe section is simply delicious, to wet your appetite, going straight on my to cook list is the Applesauce Coffee Cake with Crumble Topping.

To start reading this book yourself either click on the image above which should take you to the book or the link to Tenae's blog. Oh did I mention the book is FREE now isn't that a wonderful  extra. So even if your not of the witch persuasion there is no reason not to check the book out even if it's only for the yummy recipes.  

Happy Reading
J x


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely post! I am so glad the book is going to be appreciated even by someone who doesnt necessarily celebrate Mabon. Thats what I love about paganism- so much variety!

  2. Well I had no idea that Tenae published this book and I adore her magazine! Thank you so much. Hugs, Mina


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