Thursday, 1 November 2012

Warm wishes and appologies

Yes I know I've been missing again, but more of that later. First I want to send warm and caring wishes to anyone who's been hit or affected by Hurricane Sandy. I've been watching it on the UK news and worrying about those peeps I know from blogging who I know live in the area's it's hit as well as family in Pennsylvanian. I hope you are all safe and it's not affected you or your loved ones.

Second I need to apologize big time to Book of Shadows and Blessings, Treegold and Beegold and The Witch of Howling Creek for missing what I'm sure were their lovely blog parties. I don't know what happens at this time of year. It's one of my favourite seasons and contains my favourite festivals yet for the second year running my brains just done a flip and refused to let me enjoy it. I did my last post on The Witch of Howling Creeks new Mabon book and woke up next morning unable to string a coherent sentence together, then I got a fibro flare and everything just seem to go downhill from there and disintegrate again. I've long got use to my brain going off on it's own journey. It's one of the main reasons I've got different blogs for different subjects because if one subject becomes no go for a while I can normally play about with the others. It worked like that for a while this time as well. This blog is quite text heavy but I went off on a creative kick and did a few bits elsewhere. Then my brain just said no, don't want to do any blogging and switched off all together. Que Sera. I think I'll try and fool it next year, not plan anything and just jump in to the fun.

Not all bad though, we've got a new baby addition to the family. My cousin had a lovely little girl who decided she wanted to enjoy October a bit longer (I'm sure she's a little witchlet in the making) so made an unexpected appearance 2 weeks early. Little Amaya and mum are doing well and it's lovely to have another little girl in the family after a run of boys. The rest of us have been taking turns in looking after little Amaya's older brothers to help mum out. I forgot how many questions kids can ask in succession, they both seem happy to have a new sibling though, well one is over the moon and the younger one says she's ok but he'd have preferred a rabbit.

Anyway, onwards and forwards. I missed doing my posts I'd got all planned for Harvest Home and Winder Finding. Though I may do a shortened version of the Winder Finding as I know some heathens don't celebrate it at the Autumn Equinox as I do but rather put it together with Winternights, which for me has started at sunset. Winternights is a festival I carry through in my own quite way over nearly two weeks up to the 11th of November, Remembrance Sunday. As well as being a celebration of the start of the Winter season for me it's main associations are the ancestors. Hopefully normality is returning in some form and I'll be able to get at least some of the posts I've got planned up.

I've noticed I've got a few more followers which always surprised me that anyone will be interested in my ramblings and thoughts but it's always a lovely surprise so welcome and I hope I can write something you may be interested in.

To all those who celebrate Samhain or Halloween I hope you had a lovely night.

J x

Edit to say I'm sorry I'm still not back. I'm trying and I am missing out on blogging but my head feels like it's wadding through treacle at the moment. Hope all my readers are safe and happy.
J x

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