Monday, 14 October 2013

Finding my way back again.

I seem to have lost my way a bit with this blog, Many various reasons have meant I've not felt like writing for a while, my brain isn't exactly the best at dealing with major changes and our family have had their fair share this year. So blogging got put to one side for a long time. Privately though the one thing that hasn't changed is my thoughts on my spiritual pagan path, if anything it's got my crystallized. I've recently over summer started to feel like blogging again and have been playing my other blogs where my deeper self stays more hidden behind themes of fantasy, crafting and where the child within me just plays. I've even joined in some of this years Autumn blog parties on my Alchemy of Midnight blog and find pleasure again in connecting with others in the blogging world. The joy of blogging is returning.

This blog has been running through my mind as I now feel like I want to start putting my feelings into words again. When ever I come here though it feels strange, like going in a room you've not visited in years. I've run through various idea's in my head of starting a new blog, changing the name of this one etc. but there is so much of me already invested in the blog and friends I've met through it I feel I'll be leaving too much behind. In the end I've just decided it's needs a fresh lick of paint to refresh it and bit of writing and blogging will bring it back to colorful life again. So I've been messing around with backgrounds and layout, still not sure I've got it how I want it yet so it could change again. This was my first blog and I think I've come back home.


  1. I miss my inspirational & creative & just plain awesome blog friends when I take time off blogging (& I do often) but it's nice to come back, as you've found, and you know what, that's the great thing about blogging, the friends you make are really supportive & always ready when you are to jump in & share your life again :)

  2. Yay, so wonderful, I look forward to you sharing more and creating in whatever way feels divine for you! Shine on..many blessings and keep on sparkling!
    HUgs kindred

  3. Hi I am now following this blog and I look forward to many interesting posts.

  4. Good to see you - I still have this blog in my blog sidebar so it was good to see you come up to the top of the list with a new post

  5. I'm happy to see you're back! :) And Happy Halloween to you!

  6. Yay, welcome back! I've actually gone through a similar thing recently, though in my case I felt disconnected from my spiritual path and felt I had nothing to blog about. Like you I'm back now, and I look forward to sharing your adventures over the coming months xxx


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