Saturday, 22 September 2012

There Was An Old Witch Who Flew In A Shoe

Anna of Frosted Petunias is holding another of her fabulous 
shoe challenges today. The theme this time is to create a witchy shoe.

I started off with this little white and spotted shoe I picked up cheaply in the factory shop.
After a wash of Dusty Concord Distress Stains it went from white to purple.
 After a rummage thorough my craft stuff for some tinsel and roses it ended up like this.
One of my little witches Esme couldn't wait to take it for a spin with her pet dragon
Rosie hopping on for the ride.

Her verdict was it's so much more comfortable than her old broom, 
there is plenty of room in the back for her shopping and witch necessities 
(everyone knows cream cakes are a necessity for witches) and the ride 
was so smooth she could even read her book mid flight.

Thank you for visiting me and Esme today as she showed off her new transport. 
Please do visit the other people taking part in Anna's challenge.
You can find a list of players here.


  1. Every witch should be so lucky to have such a stylish carriage! And the goodies she has packed it full of--just divine! This is wonderful!!


  2. Wow, how cute is this! All those fun little details. I just love the dragon and the tiny box of cream cakes, very creative!

  3. Esme and Rosie definitely found a most fabulous carriage! I love the new purple shade and the large flower makes it so sweet. I bet she's much more comfortable in there than on a drafty old broom! Thank you for playing and sharing this first day of fall :)


  4. Oh, I love the whimsey of your created shoe, it is perfect! Marvelous work.


  5. Now that's a stylish ride! Esme looks like she's have a grand time.
    Too Cute!

  6. Omg!!!!
    I'm in love with this! What a great shoe...Esme has the right idea... Too cute!!!!

  7. LOVE IT! It really looks like something a witch would ride in a fantastical Halloween movie :)

  8. I want a shoe JUST like it and I, too, want to drive it around while I read. What a pleasure to see ;-)

  9. Fabulous! Just found your blog through the witch shoe challenge. Your creations is wonderful!


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