Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Happy post through the letter box

I had a lovely happy post day yesterday. First up was a wonderful thank you card from Debi at Puddleduck Grange who hosted the Mad Hatter party in the post below. She made a lovely card with a montage of the hats people had partied with and a hat shaped card complete with hat pin. Thanks Debi it's lovely.

Next was some lovely Tex Mex food I ordered from Gemma at Chic Boutique Miniatures, a string of chilies, bowl of chili, nachos, tacos, watermelon and some loose chilies.

Finally the beads I ordered arrived, some beautiful Turquoise in RE barrels and rondelles plus some organic rough, shell pearls in white, red magnesite rondelles, sodalite arrows and some carved silver coated copper beads.

I do love happy post days.


  1. Now that is what the snailbox is Really For! Yum! and fabulous embellishments! Can't wait to see what projects! they are for!!
    I love your manikin head ! and Perfectly Mad Hat! Huge Hugs! xoDebi

  2. Cute cards! And I looove the miniature food!

  3. What a lovely package from Debi, and I love all the beads and miniature food. x

  4. Ah, it's all yum and more yum, isn't it!?!

    The miniature food is adorable. And the card? Sweet! Debi is a darling. ♥


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