Friday, 25 March 2011

March Tags - Aquamarine Travel

I use the lovely new Tim Holtz Distress Stains for the background. On water coloured paper I layered on colours, Broken China, Faded Jeans and Peeled Paint with lots of sprays of water as well to lessen the colours. I then dabbed the backgrounds with crumbled up kitchen paper. I put this background on to a mat of dark blue start burst card from craft creations. Then embellished with some aqua coloured broderie anglaise lace, flowers and mini printed vintage postcards.

I have written about the Folklore of Aquamarine on this post here, if you would like to learn more about this dreamy stone.


  1. Okay, so this is getting ridiculous! Every time I come to your blog I gasp at the prettiness. This is so absolutely adorable. The color is so pleasing, and the shapes oh! I love daisies and the little print-post thingies (yes, I'm very eloquent lol) makes the final product look adorable.

    Thanks for sharing. And THANKS for your comment on Witch in Jeans. Here is my reply to it: "I don't get why some Pagans feel that their way is the only way. I even understand certain groups' intolerance, for their dogma kind of dictates a sense of ignorance and unacceptable. But for goodness' sakes, we are supposed to be all loving and all accepting, so to tell someone that they aren't Witch enough or Pagan enough just because they don't dress in black and draw circles with $100 athames is just ignorant.

    I'm very happy to know you are your own Witch. I'm sure that's what The Old Ones want from us. If they were going for boring and unimaginative, they would have made us identical to each other."

  2. These are beautiful Jane - I love the soft blues and the pretty flowers.

    Karen x


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