Happy Post 2 and Sussex Love.

I had a surprise package from Debi of Puddleduck Grange yesterday, still haven't stop smiling about it. It's nice to get happy post, especially when it wasn't expected. She sent me this lovely hand knitted scarf and gloves, so I'm all set to face the cold weather now. The colour was just perfect, orange so bright, full of the joys of Autumn and happiness.

I also can't resist sharing this magazine cover. I don't normally buy the Country Life magazine but how could I resist with this handsome boy modeling on the cover. It's got a very good article on Sussex Spaniels inside and it's so rare they get a mention anywhere I had to buy the issue.

I also picked up my dolls house magazines which I'll cover in another post this week. I'll finish this post with a photo of my very own Sussex lad.


  1. Adorable puppy! Love the brown tones! Oh our tea sets are all ready for the celebrations ahead! I also admire the pumpkin one as well!!!!
    Thank you again for your kindness to my grandson! He is very happy to be learning about crystals and their healing powers!
    Keep warm! xoDebi

  2. Your boy is just gorgeous!

    Such a sweet package from the lovely Debi ♥

  3. I've never heard of Sussex Spaniels before ... what a handsome boy yours is! Such a sweet face!

    Lovely present from Debi - perfect for these chilly days. :)

  4. Aw, your dog is so adorable! What a sweet sad little face! And what lovely gifts!

  5. Thank you all, I've told 'Reggie' he's had lots of compliments and he sends you all a scrunched up grin. :)

  6. Gifts & puppies, the perfect post combo, too cute :)


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