The Herald of Spring

The Snowdrops have bravely raised their heads, slightly later this year. Mother nature keeping her white maids in the warmth of the ground until they were strong enough to face the cold chill this winter is covering the land with. The sight of their gentle buds always raises a smile in the heart.
They herald the start of spring in my quite little patch on this earth, the promise of more blooms to come as the moves forward into the light. Next month we turn the clocks forward and once more Sunna the sun will start to rein over the night as she starts her ascent to longer and warmer days. Yet it is not quite time for her yet and still the night has the edge, the cold of winter seems in no hurry this year to depart and the promise of more snow from the east has been forecast. Yet all this we will take in our stride, we have the snowdrops promise of more flowers to come. 


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